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We are constantly on the search for dynamic, passionate and experienced individuals looking to join our growing team of professionals in Hong Kong. 

Coaching at Morlotti Academy in Hong Kong

Hong Kong - Asia’s World City 


There’s no place quite like Hong Kong, a dynamic and fast paced metropolitan city. Much like other countries in Asia and around the world, the tennis scene in Hong Kong is growing rapidly. Morlotti Academy coaches many local and international players around Hong Kong, growing talent from a young age. With a team of High Performance coaches and Administrative staff, Morlotti Academy has put in place the foundation for creating a world class High Performance Academy.

What are we looking for at Morlotti Academy?

At Morlotti Academy we are looking for individuals that reflect our Academy values and vision. We are on a mission to become Asia’s premier High Performance Academy. 


  • Growth Mindset - The belief that we as coaches can always better ourselves, and are continuously open to learn and develop in order to reach our full potential. We understand that focusing on the process rather than the outcome is essential to achieving long lasting success. 


  • Professional Excellence - The acceptance that excellence is achieved by setting daily goals and giving 100% as coaches daily. Our players are a reflection of the coach and we must transmit this professionalism to our players by single handedly striving for excellence on a daily basis. 


  • Lastly and most importantly, Morlotti Academy understands that as coaches we play an integral role in our players' development. In order to have an impact we are looking for coaches with that X Factor.  

Join the Morlotti Academy Team

Coaching in Hong Kong
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In order for our coaches to inspire and have an impact on every single one of our players we have put a blue-print in place. Our coaches meet on a weekly basis with our Director in order to be continuously working on ourselves as individuals and be in sync as a team

Scientific - We believe that although tennis coaching has been very focused on feel, personal opinions and varying coaching styles in the past, the future is looking more data and science driven. To perform at the highest level as coaches we instil this scientific approach in our lessons by recording and analysing our players consistently. 

Artistic - To complement and not necessarily contrast the the scientific side of the game we believe that all our coaches have to implement an artistic side to their coaching. To us coaching is an Art. As a coach your role is to be able to relate to everyone you coach. We actually prefer to have open minded coaches. An artistic approach allows for our coaches to be able to identify the best way to deliver a message to that specific person.

Energetic - We believe that energy is everything! If you are not passionate about coaching or helping people better themselves then coaching is not for you! Our goal as an Academy is to maximise every player’s potential and we strongly believe that we are only able to achieve that if we have coaches that have energy, passion and are able to support and motivate everyone they coach. 

Knowledgable - Tennis is a complex sport. Our job is to simplify the sport and develop the best players we possibly can. Tennis is technical, tactical, mental and physical. It is our role to be able to coach payers to be the best technical, tactical, mental and physical versions they can be whilst also transmitting important life values such as being able to work hard and persist through tougher times.


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