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Morlotti Academy is a High-Performance Tennis Academy, providing coaching services at Private Residences, Clubs and Public Courts in Hong Kong. 

At Morlotti Academy we believe that our primary role is to have an everlasting IMPACT on each of our players, from our Foundation Programme players all the way up to our Semi-Professional and Professional Athletes. As coaches, it is our role to understand and relate to each of our players in order to help them achieve their highest goals. Our motto “Hard work & Persistence” highlights two character traits that we coach and instil in our players from an early age. We live, breathe and coach high-performance habits, allowing our players to develop a professional excellence mindset and work ethic that allows them to compete and strive for their highest goals both on and off the court.

About us
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Tennis is a complicated sport. Our job is to simplify the sport and develop the best players we possibly can. Tennis is technical, tactical, mental and physical. It is our role to be able to coach payers to be the best technical, tactical, mental and physical versions they can be whilst also transmitting important life values such as being able to work hard and persist through tougher times. In order to coach all the above aspects in certain time frames and having a development plan in place takes many years to continuous learning as coaches and we are really proud of the structure we have put in place at Morlotti Academy where our coaches implement the same work ethic we expect from our players into their own professional development. This is a journey for both the player and the coach!


To complement and not necessarily contrast the the scientific side of the game we believe that all our coaches have to implement an artistic side to their coaching. To us coaching is an Art. As a coach your role is to be able to relate to everyone you coach. We actually prefer to have open minded coaches and for everyone on the team to allow for different points of view, viewing a player’s development from numerous angles. Everyone we coach is unique age wise, culturally, technically, physically and emotionally. An artistic approach allows for our coaches to be able to identify the best way to deliver a message to that specific person. You will not be explaining something the same to a 5 year old as you would a 16 year old ITF junior, a coach who knows when and how to say the right thing is what we believe to be a great coach. 


We believe that although tennis coaching has been very focused on feel and personal opinions and varying coaching styles in the past, the future is looking more data and science driven. To perform at the highest level as a coach we install this scientific approach in our lessons. It is very important to record and analyse a player’s stroke technique, physical tendencies and strengths and weaknesses. If your son or daughter has a weaker backhand than forehand why is your coach spending the same time on both strokes with the same emphasis? How do you know your player has a weaker stroke? Based on opinion? Specifically designed drills and counting the outcome of how many shots hit specific targets can help answer a lot of questions. With data we are able to gain practical information. And with practical information we can design training plans that will bring players closer to their specific goals. 


We believe that energy is everything! If you are not passionate about coaching or helping people better themselves then coaching is not for you! You can be the best coach in the world or the best ex player but if you do not love what you do or care about the player you are coaching we believe you will never be able to have an IMPACT. Which for us is paramount. Our goal as an Academy is to maximise every player’s potential and we strongly believe that we are only able to achieve that if we have coaches that have energy, passion and are able to support and motivate everyone they coach.