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Our beginner level programme aspires to develop new talent from the ground up. This level of programme is for anyone from the ages of 3 years old up to adults of any age who are looking to learn the fundamentals of tennis. In this programme we focus heavily on coordination, footwork, balance, racquet arm spacing, contact point, use of the non dominant hand, preparation, reading the ball, focus and concentration and very importantly we introduce the teaching of all the fundamental stroke progressions including: the forehand, backhand, slice, volley, serve and return of serve.


Our beginner players will follow the ITF regulated pathway with different coloured balls (of different pressures) and different court sizes in order to develop technique as quickly and as safely as possible without hindering technique and by preventing injury.



Our intermediate level programme is in place to develop players who are no longer at the beginner level of the game. Depending on the age most of these players now play a minimum of two to three times a week. This programme is for tennis players starting from our Intermediate Foundation Red 5 year olds all the way up to our Intermediate yellow 13+ year olds and our intermediate adults. These players are now looking to develop their tennis further and willing to compete in Hong Kong tournaments.


In this programme we work on fitness, tactics, technique and mental aspects of the game. Our intermediate players will also follow the ITF regulated pathway with different coloured balls (of different pressures) and different court sizes in order to develop technique as quickly and as safely as possible without hindering kids’ movement. At this level we offer lessons in red ball, orange ball, green ball and finally yellow ball.


An intermediate player should have at least 2-4 years foundation.  By this we expect our players to be able to hit forehands, backhands, backhand slice, volleys, over heads, first serve and second serve. These players should also have some experience in match play. The intermediate  programme is for players who have the foundations, and are now willing to train hard and develop into a competitive national level junior player. We will assist in their development and teach them how to attack, defend, neutralise and, most importantly, compete.



Our High Performance programme is in place to develop players who are aspiring to place in the top 10 ranking of their age group in Hong Kong. With future goals of being international level juniors, collegiate level NCAA D1or  D2 players or professional tennis players.


Our High Performance players understand that every other player they train with at the High Performance level has high ambitions and dreams and is willing to work hard in order to achieve those goals. These players must have high work rates and be fully dedicated to the sport and their journey as a tennis player.


These players train at the Academy a minimum of three times a week for our younger age groups, and an average of five to six times a week by the time they reach 10-13 years of age.  By following these amount of hours on the court and training technically, tactically, physically and mentally inline with our programmes Morlotti Academy has produced many high level Hong Kong juniors who have moved on to compete Internationally and also fully transitioned to being full time players training at Academy’s all over the world.

Full-time & Pro

Our FULL-TIME & PRO programmes are for players who train full time at the Academy, training 6 days a week. These players have made the decision to pursue tennis full-time either before or after college. Our Academy welcomes both full-time juniors and 18+ pro players trying to cement themselves on the ITF Futures circuit with aspirations of breaking into the ATP Challenger Circuit before pushing for ATP World Tour Level for men, and higher level ITF events for women before breaking into the WTA circuit.

Our Academy will also act as an ideal training base for off-season training as well as for the Asian swing on the following events: ITF juniors, ITF Pro Circuit Men and Women, ATP Challenger and ATP World Tour.


Vision is paramount. We welcome players with a vision, and help guide them to reach their goals, through hard work, persistence, sacrifice and most importantly PASSION.


Our LADIES LEAGUE TRAINING programmes are in place to create a positive and healthy competitive training environment for Discovery Bay and Hong Kong Island ladies wishing to bring their own games as well as their League Team to the next level. We don’t underestimate the value of TEAM WORK when it comes to league teams and the game of doubles. We get to know the players, their team values, their strengths and weaknesses before creating structured training plans for all ladies at any level. From division 5 up to division 1 and Premier level. In our LADIES LEAGUE TRAINING programmes we offer Team training, group training, semi-private and private lessons.

Ladies League Tennis
Health & Fitness

Our three-component programmes under “Health & Fitness” are set up to complement and further enhance our players’ development, all-round athletic performance and long-term wellness.


This programme offers:

  • Strength & Conditioning

  • Exercise Physiology & Injury Rehabilitation

  • Personal Training

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